Friday, December 7, 2012

December post

It's been a long time between posts. November was a busy month - aren't they all - with the word count for Nanowrimo to meet, the last workshop of the Longitudinal Novel Writing workshop to facilitate, completion of a poetry course I'd undertaken, the last meeting for the year of the Dread Poets, the mentoring/editing of Kundela and the normal respnsibilities of life left no time for frills.

I'm pleased to say I have now completed the first draft of my novel, Seth and hope to begin editing once I've completed my work on Kundela, and excellent story told by one of Australia's most accomplished yarn spinners, Terry L Probert. This is the author to watch out for next year when this book is released and his other works follow in its wake. Well done, Terry.

Another shout out is due for Chris Mackley, who used Nanowrino to complete the first draft of her memoir, Daddy Cool and Me: A Memoir. This enaging memoir will be another one to look out for and you can follow her writing progress on her blog at Chris Mack.

The last session of the longitudinal workshop brought an end to a successful year, using this session to recap on the year and receive feedback on individual achievements. The wonderful gifts I received from this terrific group of people were an unepxected bonus. I spent my book voucher in record time adding The World Last Night by MTC Cronin, Beneath our Armour by Peter Bakowski and a self tiltled collection of poetry by Thomas hardy to my poetry collection. Amazing! How lucky and I? PLus I am now also the lucky owner of a beautiful hand blown vase and had, for a while, the aroma of roses filling my house. Thank you Frank Ince, Julee Stillman, Sonia Doherty, Terry Probert, Lorraine Jones, Chris Mack, Tracey Drayton, Les Stillman, Saras Kellett and other contributing authors to the Wordsmiths of Melton Anthology 2012 not already mentioned, Fikret Pajalic, John Cleveley, Kerryn Miller, Caitlin Henderrson and Antonio Iannella. This last workshop had brought an end to my long association with the Wordsmith's group and future workshops will be offered to all writers across the Shire of Melton who have an interest in developing their writing and publishing their work.

I have completed the Poetry Writing course I was doing with a 99% final grade. Does this mean I will be 99% better as a poet - probably not - but it does mean I have a better understanding of what it is I am doing. I think.

And finally, although far from least important, the Dread Poet's finished the year with a barbecue and Kris Kringle. I can never speak highly enough of this group, as it epitomises all a writer/poet could ask for in a group. Remarkable talent that is freely shared, no over-ripe egos and a shared leadership that is the great equaliser in any group. The monthly writing to theme has kept me on my toes, poetically speaking, with themes not always easy to respond or write to - this being the challenge to self. In a busy writing life it can be too easy to let one's own creativity slide - to take a back seat to other writing commitments, but my association with this group, their fellowship, support, encouragement and warmth, has kept my creative fires burning and pushed me toward some of my better work in  a long time. Thank you to all.

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  1. It certainly has been a busy month for you, Merlene. Anyone who participated in Nanowrimo will say the same, and we all take a breath now to wrap our minds around the fact that Christmas is here again! I'm really looking forward to reading Terry's 'Kundella' and 'Seth' certainly has me intrigued with the snippets I've read so far. Once again thanks for all the inspiration and support you instilled in me during the Longitudinal Workshops and I look forward to attending more of your workshops next year.

  2. Wow, I should have had a look at this post earlier. Somehow I missed it but you certainly have had a busy month. I agree with the NaNoWriMo comments because you do have to focus to produce a word count.

    Having read the edited chapters of Kundela it is amazing how a few well placed commas and a structure massage have added a new level of vibrancy to my story. We often talk about a writers voice and I can now recognise mine. Working with a skilled editor like Merlene has helped me there, so thanks for that too.

    Merry Christmas



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