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Merlene Fawdry is a writer, poet and editor, writing coach and workshop facilitator.  Born and raised in Tasmania, formerly known as Van Diemen’s Land, established as a penal settlement for convicts transported from Britain between 1803 and 1853, has fed her interest in biography and family history, tracing family lines back to their country of origin and writing the stories of the original unfortunates. 

As an editor and proofreader with fifteen years experience in providing professional services for writers, she specialises in mentoring beginning and emerging writers and providing an editing, formatting & design and manuscript print preparation service for other writers. 

In another incarnation she was a youth worker, advocating for marginalised young people and their families. She maintains a strong interest in social justice and is committed to giving a voice to the oppressed through her writing. A shy activist, Merlene also has a keen interest in environmental issues and uses her poetry to speak out against what she sees as government endorsed decimation of the environment.

Merlene enjoys the diversity of writing poetry, non-fiction and fiction from her home base in rural Victoria where she is active within the local literary community.  She has won awards for her poetry and short stories and is the author of The Little Mongrel - free to a good home, My Magdalen HomeThe Hidden Risks and Villains and Valour as well as several books of poetry. Her first novel, Seth, was published in 2013. Her writing has been published in literary magazines in Australia and overseas.

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