Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bigpond Blot

Well, I've finally done it. Packed my bags and left my Bigpond home. After months of system breakdowns and poor (or no) communication and increased isolation from fellow bloggers, as comments became inaccessible, I have chosen to cede defeat.

Is this how Telstra gets rid of an unwanted 'free' service?

By making it such a frustrating experience members eventually close their blogs and seek fresher and more reliant pastures.

Can we expect to see an honest end to Bigpond blogs as against the constant breakdowns and refusal to respond to customer questions?

Will Bigpond re-invent as yet another paid for service in their packages (I can remember when web pages were 'free') ?

Having had to move blogs before the completion of my 365 day poetry challenge is disapointing, to say the least, now all I have to do is decide which ISP to transfer my loyalties to after 11 years as a Telstra internet client.

A not entirely happy customer


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