Friday, September 17, 2010

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Telstra BigBlog -: "Parts of me
Friday 17 September, 2010 - 11:55 by Merlene

Parts of me
are racing to escape
the mouldering of my life.

those last vestiges of colour
hold fast to the brush
eager to be wrenched away
from dying follicles;
a tug of war that ends
as all battles must,
with one the victor
the other scalped.

sneak away undercover
of forbidden snacks
leaving in pieces
to avoid discovery
and enforced containment,
belief in the tooth fairy
expunged in empty glasses
of the past.

desert the soul they mirror
diffusing, confusing
working in tandem
with a coordination
that left with the first wave,
the verandah of my bosom
a testament to meals lost in transit.

that mainstay of life
leaves empty spaces
where words once grew
into meaningful phrases,
memories shape shifting
between past and present
and the husk
shrinks inward.

Hips and sundry joints enter the race
leaving without a backward glance
as I moulder on."

(c) Merlene Fawdry


  1. I adore this poem. It made me laugh and it made me sad and reflective. It's honest and a little raw and I love that.

    The hair paragraph hits home for me. It's a nervous laugh for me at the scalping part. It's funny and scary at the same time.

    Lots of great lines, it's hard to pick the best, but I like:
    "memories shape shifting between past and present"
    "and the husk shrinks inward."

    I especially love the use of the word "mouldering."
    I just don't see that word often enough.

    This one's my favorite. : )


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