Monday, February 7, 2011

Enrolment Day

In all the babble and confusion
she sought direction
where none existed
no signs, arrows or other indication
of orderly process

she paid the fees
to the sound of her money
pouring down the drain.


  1. I love the February challenge you have set yourself. I am continuing with the usual small stones as I am finding it very rewarding - but your idea is one for the future, I may borrow it sometime!

  2. you are doing so well with your February challenge - I've been beset by family problems and haven't been able to write for a few days but managed one today that is in way of an explanation -maybe you'll have time to look. Mavis

  3. Merlene, this is a brilliant piece, it sums me up beautifully; grubbing around signing up for this and that, trying to find non-existant order in chaos, and wasting a huge sum in the process.


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