Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Author Blog Challenge #19

What are the three most important things you are doing to grow your platform?    
A short response to this interesting challenge from me as I’m out of town for a couple of days. The three most important things I do to grow my own platform are blogging and social networking, speaking at and attending events to meet new people and extend my network of contacts, and publishing my own work within reach of my target audience.

I keep my blog updated and specific to writing and writing associated activities. The only posts or comments I make of a personal nature are those that relate to the process of writing in an emotional, physical or psychological sense. I do not mention friends or family or any activity or hobby outside of writing, keeping the focus on displaying a small body of work representative of my writing style and genre.

By linking my blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, I save having to do repeat posts and use these networks to invite engagement by other writers, or those with an interest in writing, by adding their comments or contacting me via email. I participate in shared blog writing events like Author Blog Challenge, NaNoWriMo and  NasMaStoMo,  and read the blogs of other writers and areas of interest, and follow these if they appeal to me for longer term reading.

My work is published in print and Ezines and I am a member of the peak writing bodies in the state, attend writing and poetry workshops regularly and speaking  and facilitating workshops at various venues around the state.

~ Merlene Fawdry

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  1. Wow. You do a lot of networking! I am working on getting up there where you are. Inspiring! WRITE ON!


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