Thursday, November 8, 2012

So far less than 500 words added to my novel today. I have, however, completed a 600 plus word appraisal for a short story and spent two hours editing Kundela, an exciting debut novel by author Terry L Probert Now it's back into Nanowrimo before the candle dies down.

Sneak peek Chapter twenty-six

 ‘Maybe you could call in on her and see how she’s doing.’ And kill two birds with the one stone, she thought, for who knew what might pull her mother out of the dark place she’d been thrust into. Maybe self- pride would resurface, because the old Maureen Ryan had never been one to let people see her vulnerabilities.
 ‘We don’t like to intrude – and I’ve heard…’ the speaker tapered off as she saw the dark cloud of a scowl spreading across Carmel’s face. She hadn’t meant to mention anything of what she’d heard about the situation between Maureen and Brendan, yet she was aware of the other women looking at her expectantly, egging her own with knowing smirks. Carmel answered before she had a chance to say anything else.
 ‘It’s a strange thing about the things we hear in this town isn’t it? Statements made by nameless, faceless, people we accept as truth.’  Her mouth was away before she could stop it and she realised she hadn’t been as prepared as she’d thought. She had to salvage something from this if her business was to survive the first week. ‘Not you ladies, of course. I just get a bit fed up with the gossip at times. Our family have been through a lot in the past year and some people, other people, seem to get off on that.’  

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