Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today I hit the 23,416 mark but I'm unsure of the value of today's effort. Yesterday I had a good run on, however, this dried up by the morning and every word written today has been hard work - like pulling teeth. Maybe I should have taken a day off - or something - or maybe I can pull it back tomorrow.

Sneak peek Chapter twenty-eight

Seth slid the boards back in place, pushing the bed into position before walking back through the dwelling, checking each room, behind doors and anywhere the unexpected could hide, before making his way to the shop entry facing the street. Sliding back each bolt he opened the deadlock and stepped into the alcove, pulling the door locked behind him. The street was deserted in the late afternoon. No one to watch him walk back down to the corner and up the back lane. As he advanced, he was ready to run in the opposite direction should Perry be lurking anywhere. Although where or who he’d run to was anyone’s guess for who would help him in this town? Too far to run to Mick’s place, and he wasn’t home anyway, but he doubted Perry would think too much about whether he had somewhere to run to. He’d be more afraid of being seen himself.


  1. I really like this idea of posting excerpts from the your novel in progress. Maybe I can steal that idea... Your excerpts sound great and the story line definitely has me hooked. You're doing well, Merlene, keep it up! I'm on track just haven't the time to post anything on my blog. I should get on to that.

  2. Happy for you to borrow (or steal), Chris, that's what ideas are for. Putting sneak peeks out there encourages me to keep writing. Glad you're on track as I knew you would be.


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