Friday, January 4, 2013

My view from here

It's a hot day, currently 38.9 C in Ararat where I live, so my choice for today is the view from the fernery with the sprinklers turned on. With a strong wind and an expected top of 40 before any change, the wisest course of action is to stay as cool as possible - even if the only thing you can do is look meditate on cool pictures such as this.

This is not a good day to sit at a computer in an un-airconditioned room so I think I'll move downstairs to the laptop to get a few things done and ave the rest until a cooler day - when that will be I just don't know. I'm not a good hot weather person unless there's a pool at hand or a short walk to the beach, neither of which are available to me here, however, as bad as today is I know the night will be worse. The concrete block construction of the house keeps it cool for awhile and then it reverses, trapping the heat inside for days to come. But I don't want to whinge. Better to seek a solution, so  I'll wander out back and savour the coolness of water dripping off ferns. Mmm!

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  1. Hard to read a book with water from the ferns falling on it. I was going to the shopping centre but reckoned it would be full of people like me. Stay as cool as you can.


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