Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something beginning with T

 T is for Tasmania, our island state currently under siege from bushfires in many areas.

My picture is of a grassy paddock at the Nile in Northern Tasmania. A reminder of the greenness of the state and the promise of rejuvenation, at a time much of it is being ravaged by bushfires. The fence also stands as a testament to time and as a message of survival, with the old, rusted barbed wire and ringlock interwoven with galvanised steel. Over the years this fence has held its own against flood and drought. It is as resilient as the state it is part of, a bit the worse for wear but enduring.   For some reason I have always known this place as The Nile, although its name is simply, Nile. One of those curious things that evolves from familiarity and disappears through changing populations.

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