Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Two - Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

Well, I muffed it yesterday by not reading the instructions properly re Mister Linky, posting my Day One effort directly onto the Facebook page and only realising my error late in the day. In many ways this could be the story of my life, half reading instructions and forging ahead - a bit like running a cross country following the directional arrows of my mind and getting lost in the wilderness. It is a flaw of my being I repeat over and over again, one of life’s lessons that has become my personal ‘Groundhog Day’, a déjà vu that meets itself coming back.

Today is a new day. Day Two in Writer Blog Challenge land, although it’s the third of the month in my country, so already I see I need to pull back and not race ahead. 

 In response to the questions for today. I opened a fan page on Facebook in 2011, but have done little with it – well nothing at all really. Mainly this is because I had a high friends list on my personal page and didn’t know if these could be transferred across or whether I needed to invite them all and begin building again. In the end, I must have prioritised in other directions, otherwise known as avoidance, and skipped ahead to tasks of lesser mental strain. 

A page I like is Caketrain Journal and Press for its simplicity and ease of reading. I also like Miriam Margolyes in Dickens' Women as I am a huge fan and admire her work immensely. The writer page of H David Blalock is another I like for the way he promotes his books in a professional yet interactive manner. If I were to persevere with my own page I would hope for it to be a mixture of these three.

Goals for my own page are still halfway down the basket, something I’ll need to think about before I do anything with it. In the meantime, it languishes here.


  1. Yeah, you do have to invite everyone to "Like" your page, you can't just "transfer" them over. In Facebook a "page" is very distinct from your own personal identity on the website. There can be multiple people who admin the page, and you can post on the page as the page or switch to yourself. Confusing right?

    Getting your friends to come over to your page is a bit of a bother, but Facebook makes it easy to send out the invites. However, getting people to actually follow through and "Like" the page is another issue.

  2. I like having a fan page because my personal profile is used mostly for playing games! Not all my family want to know about my writing activities :) Getting new likes is a slow process... I've just liked your page.

  3. Don't lament your rushing ahead! I neglected to realize there was a new linky page for each day of the challenge and was posting all my links to day one. HAHA!! I was wondering why no one else was showing up... Duh! Great post today! I gave your page a like :) WRITE ON!


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