Monday, April 29, 2013

KUNDELA by Terry L Probert

Book Launch

Kundela, the debut novel of author Terry L Probert, will be officially launched in the South Australian town of Orroroo, a fitting venue for this story which is set in the mid north/Flinders Ranges area of South Australia. 

When:              Tuesday 30th April 

What time:     7.00 pm

Where:             The Orroroo Community Library

Call in and meet the author, buy a copy and have a good read. If you can't make it on the night, copies can be purchased by contacting the author  at and receive free postage for all mail orders. 

The recommended retail price of the book is $29.95 including GST. 

Email your name and address details for payment options. 

About the book:
Joe Gillespie’s family have farmed this country for three generations and his only real problem is the continuing drought. His wife, Laura, is an anthropologist who has strong ties to the area’s indigenous people. Finding a clay panned steer renews the friendship between Joe and Jeff Rankin, an Aboriginal police officer based at Port Augusta. The dead animal coincides with the arrival of a bikie gang suspected of trashing the Gillespie homestead. Joe and Laura find the gang camped in a sacred site where they are holding a young woman captive. Seeing gang members are about to violate her, Joe and Laura act to save her, using a combination of bush lore and knowledge of Aboriginal culture. When Jeff examines the bikies camp he becomes suspicious of the origin of damage. The girl later dies before giving evidence, the police case falls apart and detectives charge Joe with malicious damage. To clear his name he must break the Official Secrets Act. Leaving these concerns behind in Adelaide, Joe attempts to return to normal life on the farm. Checking his stock and water, he finds dead cattle littering the well paddock and returning to the homestead realises he has driven into a trap. Unknown assailants pursue him through the farm and onto the Hammond road where he outruns them. He musters his family in the hotel and reports the incident to police. Two stories of love wind though the text, the love shared by Joe and Laura and the love of the land where they live. It is a mystery laced with Kurdaitcha Men and Aboriginal themes, humour and loyalty linking the people in the Gillespie’s life.


  1. Thanks for the boost Merlene, sometimes a writer starts with a draft that is rough at the bginning and as they learn they get better. To learn and grow every aspiring authour needs help to discover the things they need to help their story work. Many trials, rewites and edits turn the manuscript into a draft to pass on to a copyeditor. The Copyeditor applies their many years of study and training to make the manuscript sparkle, you did this for KUNDELA. Thank you I had a good story you made it great and that's a skill to be admired.

    The book launch went off well with an attendence of 90 from a district of approx 1200 people we did okay.

  2. I should have re read the comment before posting the number who attende was 80 and I'm sorry about the spelling



  3. Fantastic news about the turn-out at Orroroo, Terry. It would have been great to be there, but I guess I'll just have to wait until the launch here in Melbourne.

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