Saturday, June 22, 2013

Risk 2 final draft

I have reworked this poem over the past few days and this is where it sits at the moment. There have been a number of edits, inclusions and deletions to get it to where I'm reasonably happy with it. It tells the story I wanted to tell.

my grandfather lies on the couch
a benign Mr Toad, hands 
clasped below his belly

watching sunbeams play 
in the space between us

I stand, face frozen in a smile
(he calls me his smiley),
that becomes painful to hold
but I cannot risk it slipping
he will forget who I am
without its reminder;
for he is old, very old

he recites Wordsworth
in the burr of his mother country;
I fall into the thrall of  stars

that twinkle on the milky way
and dance amongst daffodils
on the magic path he weaves

at his urging, I sing
You are my Sunshine
(yet to learn I can't carry a tune)
his moustache bristles into a smile,
the sun lights his face
his eyes laugh, wrinkles 
radiating as sparkling waves

he resumes his verse
in pensive mood
his heart, with pleasure filled
by the ease
with which I now smile 

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