Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2 nanowrimo


Day Two of NaNoWriMo and all is well. In today's writing, Julia commits the offence that sees her charged and taken to Newgate, with Mary Ann in her belly for company. Writing from research notes is not easy as, even with the best organisation (which I'm sadly lacking) notes aren't necessarily in sequence when it comes to telling the actual story. Still, I'm pleased with the two days' effort I've made and can see my way forward, at least in the foreseeable future - an adventure for the writer as well as the characters.

An excerpt from today:
Julia learnt her lessons well and in time Ragan forgot his anger toward her enough to work with her when  goods were just lying there begging to be picked up. He had several children working for him now as beggars and cy fakers, sharing beds between shifts and the temporary comfort of warm bodies.  Julia was past her childhood now though and no longer in his thrall as when they’d first met. She’d developed a hardness that made others wary of her and her begging bowl was largely ignored by those who passed by with downcast eyes, increasing their speed to escape her strident abuse if they failed to toss a coin her way. She’d also become adept at withholding part of her takings to spend at the tap room and Ragan decided she was no longer worth the trouble of keeping her, letting her loose to make her own way although he still called on her to act as his accomplice when it suited him. She moved into a room nearby with the man who was to be my father, James Simpson. They lived and drank and thieved together as they planned a life away from the stink of the streets and this is where I enter the story when my mother became pregnant with me. 

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