Monday, April 14, 2014

The A-Z of blogging

WeLL and TruLy Layered

Quite without realising it – and I admit there’s a lot I don’t realise these days, I committed to National Poetry Month (USA) and the April A-Z blogging challenge. The former requires a poem written each day and the latter writing every day to a topic beginning with the letter for that day.

Today’s letter is L and I find I’ve completely missed A-K so it comes as no surprise that I find myseLf over-Layered with unmet commitments. Laminous.

Swamped, and drowning in a sea of good intentions, confident I can make landfaLL before the end of each day, but I can’t swim against the tide and find myseLf caught in the rips of everyday Living. FLoundering in the depths of Life.

Other unmet projects rise up to taunt me, as Lifebuoys that fLoat beyond my grasp, and I yearn for the steady progress of the Longer, known work. No poems written on the hop, nor Letters of the aLphabet frowning to be written to, just the pLodding of the long distance writer.

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