Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paranoia Unleashed – the unfolding of a novel

Paranoia Unleashed – the unfolding of a novel

After several years researching and writing family history, I’m in the preliminary stages of planning a new novel, a psycho thriller with a working title of Paranoia Unleashed.

While I've loosely plotted the story-line, this won’t be a ‘tap and go’ writing process, as it’s my intention to spend as much time as it takes in researching personality disorders and behaviours, and the impact of these on those around them, in an endeavour to understand the dynamics within the PPD's family. 

I will be posting my progress on this blog and inviting comment or opinion from others more closely associated with the subject as the project develops.

In Paranoia Unleashed, the protagonist has a Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD). This is the anguish-filled normality of his life that impels him to seek retribution for slights against him, real or imagined, going to inordinate lengths to create ‘evidence’ to substantiate his claims of persecution.  

This, in turn becomes part of the ‘grooming kit’ he uses to isolate and control others in order to validate the beliefs formed by his paranoia.

It is his reality.

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