Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 1

Day One - Five week author blogging Challenge

My goals for this challenge are simply to write a blog post every day for the five weeks, which I hope may be of interest to other writers, poets and bloggers.   

Getting new readers or increasing traffic is always welcome and, while this is not my main motivator I welcome every visitor and appreciate comments from all. 

My blog posts tend to be spasmodic, depending on what I'm writing about and the research involved, and are mostly unrelated beyond the writing experience of the moment. This year I aim to provide continuity or links between the subject matter.


  1. I will be the inaugural commenter! Go Merlene!

  2. I shared your blog link at my teaching blog (blog - let's get you some new readers!

  3. Good luck with the five week challenge. I know what you mean about being sporadic. My blog tends to be sporadic also. But that is also my personality so I don't see it changing a whole lot after the five weeks is up. I'd much rather be working on my novels than doing blog posts.


For some reason I'm yet to fathom I'm unable to reply to comments left by others so thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read and comment. Merlene