Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 31 Author Blog Challenge

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With no prompt for day 31 of the challenge it’s a good time for me to reflect on my posts so far, 11,000 plus words, mostly reflective of my own experiences, good, bad and ugly. I think about what these words may have translated into had I not participated in the challenge; more chapters to a novel, more time spent in revision or researching minute details that I’ll probably never use, as I tend to do when engrossed in the minutiae of the lives of others, or more time wasted on social media. One thing’s for sure, the time would have been spent in some writing related activity, for that’s what I do – every day.


Without the challenge I may not have made any blog posts during this period, given my habit of neglecting it for weeks (or months) on end, while I pursue other interests, so I’m grateful for the opportunity that pushes me into writing fresh posts. More than anything I’m grateful to the readers who’ve stopped in had a read and those who’ve taken this a step further and left an encouraging or humorous comment, although I’m aware some have been unable to leave a comment, as am I, although I’ve yet to find out what the glitch is.


Visitors to my blog come from all over the globe and average about 70 per day. Not a lot by some standards but even one visitor is a privilege and I hope all find something of interest.

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