Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As the keyboard taps - 4th draft

As the keyboard taps - 4th draft

As the keyboard taps, at rapid pace
Lines of thoughts join in the race
As words and images intertwine
And metaphors leap, line to line,
Each jockeying to find their place.

Nimble fingers lead the chase
To finely craft a work of grace
Rhythm and metric beat combine
As the keyboard taps

Letters form a tight embrace
As stanzas seek their rightful place
Every symbol and every sign
Stamp out their mark and, by design
Echoes of words leave their trace
As the keyboard taps.


  1. Wow. Well done. I love poetry about writing.
    I love watching you work too.

  2. Thanks Lolly. These Rondeau have been a real challenge to me, which is what it was all about, of course, but I didn't realize when I picked this poetry form how difficult it would be. I appreciate your comments as these keep me on track. Only 8 more days to go - in this hemisphere - until the end of March.


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