Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dry eyed she lay 4th draft

Dry eyed she lay - 4th draft

Dry eyed she lay, in her lonely bed
Tears of heartache left unshed
Shadows of fear keep holding sleep at bay
Since welfare came and took her away;
To a place of safety, they said.

Away from that other life she'd led
To live as a prisoner here, instead
Inside these walls, day after day
Dry eyed she lay.

Between through Around these thoughts others sped
Of a different place, free of dread
Of forgotten places, things unsaid
A place of love where she could play so far away
And where she could forever Where part of her would always stay
With this sweet dream inside her head,
Dry eyed she lay.

These revisions were suggested to me and I think they work better than what I had. Thank you

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