Friday, March 4, 2011

Into the past - 1st draft

This is my second Rondeau for this month and the task doesn't get any easier. It does, however, increase my admiration for writers of traditional forms of poetry such as this hundred fold.

Into the past

Into the past, I drift once more,
A daydream opening an enchanted door
To time gone by and familiar faces,
A mystic realm of magic places,
On that wondrous distant shore.

Familar streets I re-explore,
The crooked lanes, the sun kissed moor
Stepping lightly in open spaces
Following all the well loved traces
Into the past.

On waking now, it's as before
I floated down that corridor,
No friendly face, no warm embraces
In cold grey ash of unlit fireplaces,
And I crave sleep take me evermore
Into the past.

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