Saturday, May 7, 2011

A chat

I'm absolutely out of creative poetry ideas at this time so I'll just take time out to have a chat about the process. I have begun and discarded many poems over the past few days, mainly because the rhyming required with this form of poetry means I frequently ended up with misshapen limericks, or doggerel of the worst kind, both with obvious forced rhyme. When this happens it's like having a song playing over and over in your mind, making it difficult to get back on track. Not that all is lost in the world of writing, as I've been revising The Little Mongrel - free to a good home and formatting it as an ebook, adding pictures as well for a second print edition. It just goes to show the need to concentrate on one task at a time if it's to be done properly.
The temperature is very cold in this last month of Autumn, nipping at fingers and leading them astray in the hunt for words. I know many writers have almost starved, half frozen in garrets of their creativity, but not me. I prefer the image of open fires and rugs over knees and the warm glow of well-being to release the poet within. Cocoa anyone?

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