Monday, May 2, 2011

If I should speak - 2nd draft

If I should speak what’s on my mind
Giving language to my pique
Would others think me too unkind,
If I should speak?

What trouble do you think I’d wreak
If I chose to so unwind,
An unexpected uprise from the meek

My inner thoughts are well defined
For eloquent critique
Yet fear presents a double bind, Yet others may feel so inclined
If I should speak.

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  1. A very interesting poem as always, Merlene. Haven't popped round for a while, I've enjoyed catching up.

    I was given a 'versatile blogger' award by a friend, the idea is you pass it on to four other bloggers, so I've nominated you as one of my recipients. There's more details back at 'Tales' xxx


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