Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of the month

The first month of 2012 is almost over and with it goes the January, A River of Stones, challenge. In some ways it's not a challenge, as the theme for the month is set and takes less mental energy than posting daily and thinking about the month ahead.

Applications have been coming in for the Write a Longer Work series of workshops. The original plan had been to offer a Longitudinal Novel Writing  workshop; however, with many people writing in other genres, it seemed fairer to open it up to include all forms and lengths from Novellettes to memoirs or other non-fiction. This workshop is a community service initiative of the Wordsmiths of Melton to encourage and foster literary interest from those living within the Shire of Melton.

Studying three subjects online at the one time is another commitment - and a challenge to meet deadlines. For anyone considering online studying I would suggest two subjects at a time is enough unless you have plenty of time on your hands - I don't. Often it can mean the difference between a high distinction grading and a distinction.

The writing of my own novel continues, although not at the pace set during Nanowrimo. This is a learning experience for me, having begun the project with only a beginning and an ending in mind and letting the story write itself. This proved to be an enjoyable and productive experience until I reached a point wher I needed and outline or I was in danger of losing my way completely. This is where writing groups or writing peers can be invaluable, to throw ideas around and see what you catch on the back toss. I'm pleased to say I've found my way before I got too far off the beaten  lexiconic track - and have now completed an outline for the remainder of the story - as well as retrospectively.



  1. I am working on a sequel to my first novel right now and I'm finding it much harder than the first book. I'm struggling to make the second book fresh - tougher than expected. Best of luck working on your novel; writing a novel is harder than most people realize. -Marya

  2. Have you finished with that file love,I sent you he address on Facebook.cheers. ps looking forward to your next book.


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