Monday, February 20, 2012

February winds down

This has been a stop/start month so far, with more stopping than starting, I'm afraid. Studying takes up a lot of writing time, and vice versa, and procrastination takes care of the rest. In between times, I have been critiquing the work of other writers and enjoying reading their stories immensely. That is part of the three way benefit when undertaking critiques - the privilege of previewing a yet-to-be published work - the greater understanding of one's own writing that comes from closer analysis of the work of others - and the gifting of your knowledge and experience to others.
I have my first workshop for the year this week and then they begin in earnest for the year. A writer friend cautioned me against over extending myself and I tell him it's under control - it is, but maybe I'm destined to spend my life, what remains of it, stretching out to...
Poetry will take a back seat this year and, apart from posting on Haiku on Friday each week, I've written very little and now - it's back to the grindstone to mill those words.

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