Thursday, March 8, 2012

Falling into March

Whew! I have just finished updating writing and poetry competition details for March, April, May 2012 so be sure to check these out.

I am pleased to say I have now completed the digital photography course with a final grade of 97%. This course taught me so much about my camera and its various functions that I don't think I would ever have learnt on my own - manuals being printed in the smallest type they are almost impossible to read.

What I learnt:

Lesson 1 What Is Digital Photography?

Digital technology evolved from and is related to the same technology as television cameras. The Bing Crosby Laboratories and a research team funded by Crosby created the first videotape recorder.

Lesson 2 Understanding Your Camera

Digital cameras have opened up a world of artistic expression not possible with conventional film photography. For this reason, the more you understand about the sophisticated parts of your camera, the better a photographer you will become.

Lesson 3 Digital Photography and Your Desktop Computer

At a minimum, your computer should load your pictures onto its hard drive and print them out onto a higher grade paper. This is pretty simple and requires minimum practice to perfect the techniques.

Lesson 4 The Power of Light

Daylight photos taken indoors are challenging for the best of photographers. You can improve your daylight photos by keeping a few things in mind.

Lesson 5 Still Life, Group, and Landscape Photography

Still life has been described as a composition of several lifeless objects brought together by a certain theme. It can include arranging things on a tabletop and using lighting techniques or other still life methods.

Lesson 6 Exposure and Shutter Speed

In this lesson, we will focus on the technical knowledge necessary for you to take professional-looking pictures. The digital camera, as a technical device, brings many functions into play. One function is digital camera metering.

Lesson 7: People and the Environment

Think about what happens when you page through an album of photos. Those photographs grab your attention if they have a subject and interesting surroundings.

Lesson 8: Magical Water Photography

We all love to see a rushing stream, a cascading waterfall, or the silky white look of rushing water. There are many layers involved to shooting a great water picture, or for that matter, any great picture.

Lesson 9: Improving Your Camera Techniques

You have owned a digital camera for quite a while, yet you are just not satisfied with the way your photos are turning out. You think it could have something to do with your camera techniques.

Lesson 10: Understanding Image Quality

Some of you are probably thinking, "What the heck are CMYK and RGB?" To explain, this is something you would need to be aware of if you decide to become a professional photographer and have a need to deliver "press-ready" digital photos.

Lesson 11: Black and White Is Back

In a digital camera world, if you do not want the sky to be plain blue, you can change the color in a digital imaging program. There are photographers who would not even consider using camera filters as an option.

Lesson 12: Portraits

Portrait lenses are designed for the photographer who is passionate about people. Before you set out to buy a portrait lens, you need to own a digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera.

Lesson 13: Creative Tips for Your Photography Hobby or Career

I  have also learnt not to undertake too many different courses of study at the one time when I have so many other tasks to complete, because it is important to me that I enjoy the study process and not feel under the pump all the time. A downside of networking is the time one must put in to be effective - and to respond to the reaching out by others - having social networks linked is a time saver, but this can never take the place of a personal comment or acknowledgement of appreciation of the efforts of others.

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