Thursday, June 28, 2012

Author Blog Challenge # 27

What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?

There have been many positives for me in participating on the Author Blog Challenge, but the best part has been other writers taking the time to visit and comment on my bog posts. This is something I truly appreciate, as there is nothing more inspirational for a writer than to know they have been read and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, even if you didn’t have time to comment. Taking part in challenges such as this adds diversity to my writing. It causes me to reflect on where I have been, to understand where change is needed and, in some strange way, to determine longer term focus. This has probably been the most worthwhile aspect of this challenge, as I have made firm resolution about priorities for the future. To be honest though, a professional lifetime of churning out reports on the run stands me in good stead for writing non-fiction, so it is not as time consuming as it may appear.

I don’t really have any suggestions for change as I think it was terrific as it was, thank you Laura/Marcie, but if I were to mention anything, it would be to have a challenge where everyone followed the prompt for the day, as against writing their usual blog post. This would add extra interest for me and I would feel we were all on the same footing. This biggest aspect of this challenge for me has been extending myself beyond my usual blog posting, to really think about and explore each daily prompt and respond accordingly - that to me was the challenge.

~ Merlene Fawdry


  1. It was great meeting you during this challenge Merlene & hearing what you got out of the challenge too.

  2. It was great reading your posts during this challenge, Merlene. (I'm still working my way through the posts from different days of the challenge.) I agree that it would be nice for everyone to follow the prompts.


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