Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I will not be writing for a couple of days so today's word count of 38,896 will have to stay until Friday when I hope to return to the keyboard, re-enthused. Not that I've lost any enthusiasm for this story, but it can be difficult to stay focussed when words disappear between thought and keyboard. I try now not to worry to much about the ones that get away, waiting until another slides into the empty slot.

Sneak peek Chapter Thirty-three

‘Brendan. Brendan. Are you in there? For God’s sake open up mate.’ This sounded more urgent than someone wanting a drink and he responded immediately, throwing the bolts back and releasing the door to admit Jimmy Pierce, Mick’s son. Must have brought him back from the fishing trip, he thought.
‘What is it, Jimmy. Is something wrong with your dad?’
‘I’ve got no reception on my mobile.’ An inane thing to say. Unnecessary. ‘Ring an ambulance, Brendan – and the police. There’s been an accident.’ Having got his message out he noticed the kids for the first time and spoke to Daniel.’ Take your brother and sister out of here. I need to speak with your father.’ Brendan still hadn’t moved so Jimmy moved to the phone and dialled 000, speaking over his shoulder as he did. ‘It’d be a good idea if the kids weren’t here for the moment.’ He looked to Daniel and spoke with authority.’ Take the kids out back now son.’ Daniel looked to his father for approval and herded them from the room as he’d seen his sister do so often.
‘Accident. Main Street Yalkaro. Some sort of domestic disturbance looks like. Two injured, maybe more.’ He lost patience with the questions from the other end. ‘Look, just get here quick. No, I don’t know the address. They’ll find it. It’s the only place in the street with its lights on – and old shop over the road from the tearooms. Please hurry.’ Hanging up the phone he turned to speak to Brendan, but the room was empty.

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