Friday, November 23, 2012

That couple of days out made a hole in my progress and with just over 500 words today it didn't get any better. Have reached 39,419 words so just over 10,000 to go. Hm!

Sneak peek Chapter Thirty-four

The blokes from homicide arrived in a convoy of importance, long coats flapping around their legs as they picked their way through the thinning crowd and under the police tape. There weren’t too many calls for city police to come up this way. Not too many murders he could recall in his years of country policing. He was  amused at how much modern day cops resembled those from the old days of Division Four – a cop show from the seventies - and in the dull tones of night they could easily have jumped straight out of a black and white past. He met them on the footpath and deferred to their importance as he filled them in on the little he knew.
‘Three injured. Two deceased.’

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