Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I've updated my writing for today and then wondered why I'd stopped at 820 words short of 30,000, which makes a more significant milestone. Getting to the pointy end of the novel, I'm now wondering if there's another 20,000 words in it. I suppose only the following days and the story itself will tell. The outline that worked so well up until  now has begun to blur around the edges and the story board is being revised daily.

Sneak peek Chapter Thirty

He twisted Seth’s face to look into his eyes, those black pools of mystery that had drawn him into their depths the last time. Today they were empty. As if his soul had already left. There was no feeling in the eyes. No terror staring back at him, begging, as he’d played it out in his mind a thousand times. These were the eyes of a dead man and he was repulsed, forcing Seth’s face back into the splintered upright, never loosening for a moment his hold on the streaming hair. Pulling him back to face him, the expression on the face before him, in the eyes, remained impassive. If it hadn’t been for the blood trickling from a split where his cheek bone met the wood he would’ve have thought he was dead – but dead men don’t bleed, do they?
The skies roared above him, rain found its way through and inside the three sided shelter and the hiss of lightning added to the drama. Except he was the only one feeling it. The boy was like a rag doll. Limp. He suspected that if he let go of his hair he’d fall in a bundle to the ground. He yanked him out of the shed to propel him toward the back of the house, losing his grip on the hair as he did do and stumbling over the stringy bark that caught his foot. And Seth was gone. It was that quick. One minute he had him and the next he was streaking up the yard, barefoot skiing in the surface mud.


  1. Wow, this excerpt is great! You're really powering along with your word count for Nanowrimo. Well done.


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