Thursday, November 15, 2012

Latest Nanowrimo update has me at 31,543 words. I guess like any marathon there comes a time when you get a bit spaced out, putting one foot in front of another on the way forward. Today has been a bit like that for me. Not a lot of thinking, just putting one word in front of the other, blocking out all the things that threaten to intrude; the things I don't want to think about because even if I did, I can't change what is. Better to concentrate on the things beyond outside influence, that I have some control over - like Nanowrimo. In
the end the vagaries of life can be a bonus. I get to write lots of words, my novel gets closer to completion and the other things can just get...

Sneak peek from Chapter Thirty-one

Maureen sat out the storm in her room. Sitting in the chair by the window she dared the lightning to strike her. Taunting it. Inviting it in. That would solve all their problems, wouldn’t it? No more prissy looks from Carmel, or Brendan begrudging her a bit of a drink or a smoke in her own home. She had a view over High Street from this side of the hotel, the supermarket and empty shops on one side and rooftops on the other. Each flash illuminated the scene before her, brighter than daylight as rain sleeted like arrows onto the rusted tin roofs. And somewhere under one of those roofs was the killer of her children. The murderer Seth. She now laid all her ill fortune at his door, convinced if she took revenge all would be made well again. Her children may not be restored to her, but the self she’d lost would be. The next bolt of lightning forked down on his roof, sparking from the television antenna  and down the chimney. She took this as another sign that God showing her the way.

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