Friday, November 16, 2012

Seriously under budget today. Had an appointment this morning. Worked on Kundela by Terry L Probert and finalised preparation for next week's workshpop.

Sneak peek Chapter Thirty-one

She'd already reached the corner before thinking she should have tried knocking on the front door or even running down the lane from the top. Too much on her mind. Too many distractions. Well, once this was over there’d be one less thing to think about. Slowing at the entry to the lane to avoid skidding, another sky roll and flash lit the way forward and she knew she’d have to take it easy if she were to remain upright. Had she realised the storm would start up again with such ferocity she’d have left the visit for another day, because if ever there was a night Seth would be safe, this was it. Despite the waterproofing of her coat, she could feel the wet against her body where rain had forced its way down past her collar and up under her cuffs. Hair whipped against her face, catching in the corners of her mouth as the wind ramped it up another notch. This was far from the leisurely stroll of her imagination. Hunching her shoulders, she bent her head against the elements and trod carefully through the mud, relieved when she finally reached the open gate. 

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  1. You so have to publish this when it's finished. Like it's just an awesome read like Merlene.

    Don't mind me I'm chanelling a fifteen yearold at the moment.



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