Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lower word count today but still managing to stay ahead, although this will take a battering tomorrow when I will be away from my computer all day. Guess that means I'll have to work harder on Tuesday.

I should say, however, that as well as writing I continue to refine chapter outlines and make notes of things to be changed at the end of the month once the writing process is complete.

Sneak peek Chapter twenty-four

‘You can start by being a mother to those kids and what you do beyond that is up to you. I’ve been fair and given you months to make a move back to the world of the living. Now it’s time for you to step up to the mark.’
‘And if I don’t – or can’t.’
‘Then you can pack your bags and get out of here because better they have no mother at all than one who ignores their existence completely.’ There, he’d said what had been lurking and growing in the back of his mind for months now. It was out in the open – shape up or ship out.
Maureen threw back her head and the sound that emanated from her was a mixture of laughter, tears, and rage. ‘You want me gone do you, Brendan Ryan? Well, I’ll just have to think about that won’t I? First you murder your own children and now you’re getting rid of me as well. I bloody hate you, do you know that? I hate you!’ She ended her rant on a scream and that’s where he left her because if he’d stayed in the room he would have killed her. He would have put his hands around her throat and squeezed until her accusations were stilled forever. 

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  1. Sounds like you're doing well, Merlene. I'm on track also, keeping just ahead of my daily target. 'Daddycool and Me' is well on its way!


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