Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photo a day - day one

January photo a day

Day One Theme: Today:

It’s the first day of the new year, so take a photo of how you spent the day.

There's not a lot of photographic merit in this picture, but it does symbolise the meeting of the old and the new. The screen on the left shows a carry over work from 2012 - the Holmyard family history I'm working on (and intend to complete this year) and on the right screen a blank page of an unnamed document ready for new works; the stories, non-fiction & poems that will find their way onto my hard drive over the next twelve months.

What is not shown are the other unfinished works waiting in the queue behind the family history. My novel, Seth, that only needs a good edit and revised ending before it's set to go. The new anthology of poetry, 10-66, a selection of my best work (in my opinion only) of the past ten years. 

Other tools of trade stand waiting. Research papers next to my journal and coffee cup at the ready and this is how I spend my day. 

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