Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something new

Day 2 of Photo a day January 2013:
These books are new to my bookshelves, having moved in during the month of December. At the top of the pile is a beautiful calendar produced by photographer extraordinaire, Rose Frankcombe, featuring images of Tasmanian water scenes followed by:
Lemon Sherbert and Dolly Blue by Lynn Knight
The World Last Night by MTC Cronin
Beneath our Armour by Peter Bakowski 
Australian Poetry Journal Volume 2
A set of three Australiana books by Geoff Hocking    
  • Gold Fever
  • Wild Colomial Boys
  • Under the Southern Cross
The Greatest Lies in History by Alexander Canduci
Man or Mouse by Matt Whyman
Jim Stynes - My Journey

So far I've read the two poetry books, absolutely blown away by both and may never write another poem myself again - well I will, but must remind myself we are all different, therefore writing from different perspectives on life in a style that is our own. 

I have started reading Lemon Sherbet and Dolly Blue and reserve comment until I've read more. Whichever way you look at it, this is an eclectic collection of reading material for me to lose myself in. Whether fiction or non fiction, I can only admire the hard work of the authors in producing these books, having travelled the long journey of the writer and poet over the rocky road to publication.


  1. I have ine to lend you when Ruth has finished with it. Bill the Bastard is by Roland Perry and has references to Banjo Patterson and his service as an officer of the remount facility in Egypt during World War 1. It's the story of an exceptional horse and of only two men who could ride him, and many who couldn't.

    This year has proved to have had a lot of good books on the shelves for the Christmas Season.

  2. I love this 'Photo a Day' idea, Merlene. It (obviously) adds a visual aspect to your blog which compliments and adds a refreshing touch to your posts. I guess it's also great because it gives you a prompt for your posts. I'm sorry...but this might be another idea I steal from you and use for my blog...somewhere down the track.

  3. Steal away, Chris. It can be difficult to keep a blog alive sometimes, so every idea is useful. This is one of the reasons I participate in challenges, as it gives a daily focus and often bigger things grow from the prompts.


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