Saturday, March 23, 2013


HP Deskjet F2400 All-in-One series
Yesterday I printed out the complete manuscript of Seth for the first time. Knowing the printer cartridge was likely to run out of ink at any time and to spare me any unnecessary angst at trying to stop the printing process, which sometimes causes the printer to loop back on itself and take hours to fix, I printed off fifty pages at a time. For some this would be a straight forward task but, for me, it is a different matter entirely as I have a numerically dyslexic brain that also has a tendency to loop back on to itself when confronted with any more than a two digit number.

 But I managed, even when the ink ran out on page 247, requiring a run to the shop – in the car that is – I no longer do running, and even walking is questionable some days – all executed without skipping a beat or a number. The result was three hundred pages of perfectly formatted manuscript, or was it. I checked off the submission requirements:

Manuscript – yes
200 word synopsis – yes
50 word author bio – yes
Title and page no on every page – pause – no - bugger – when I changed the footer I forgot to add the title with the page number.

Hm! What to do now? I’m not going to waste paper and ink and print it all over again and it’s pointless sending it off anywhere if I’ve ignored submission guidelines, so I need to find a solution.

Got it. I create a word doc with just the title in the footer and feed the pages back through. Not something I want to spend time on, but it’s a consequence for not reading the check list before printing – and another lesson learnt.


  1. But you did find a solution other than page numbering by hand. Congratulations on getting it done and good luck with the submisssion.

  2. Thank you, Terry, although I did think about doing it be hand at first.

  3. Congratulations on completion of Seth, Merlene. I agree with Terry - you came up with a clever solution to your problem. I really look forward to seeing Seth in print and will definitely be purchasing a copy.


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