Sunday, March 24, 2013

Copyright and blogs

About five years ago I asked the question as to ownership of copyright of blog comments and it seemed opinion was divided at that time. Today I came across an Australian ARTS LAW INFORMATION SHEET on Legal issues for bloggers - I'm sure other countries have their own version - and I'm linking it here for general interest or follow the links on the information sheet outline below:

  1. What is a blog?
  2. What legal issues can arise?
  3. Copyright
    1. How does this affect my blog?
    2. Can I use quotes on my blog?
    3. Can I copy facts and ideas?
    4. How does a Creative Commons licence help?
    5. Who will own copyright in my blog comments page?
    6. Can I provide links to another blog or website?
    7. Can I use images owned by someone else on my blog?
    8. Can I count on "fair use" as a defence if I use someone else's work?
    9. Can collecting societies assist me?
  4. Moral rights
  5. Trade marks
    1. If I want to complain about a company – can I use their name and logo?
    2. Can I use the trade mark in my domain name, blog title or in the title of the blog post?
  6. Defamation
    1. Can I be liable for material posted by others on my blog post?
    2. Can I be liable for defamatory material contained on others' blogs or websites to which I provide a link to from my blog?
    3. The internet is borderless – can I be sued overseas?
    4. Is "freedom of speech" a defence in Australia?
  7. Right of publicity
  8. Other questions
    1. Should I have a disclaimer on my blog?
    2. Why has my blog been removed from the internet?
    3. What should I do if I get a cease and desist letter?
    4. Can I publicise the cease and desist letter on my blog?
      Australian Copyright Council ( tel: (02) 8815 9799


  1. Thanks so much for this valuable link, Merlene. It sounds like information all bloggers should familiarise themselves with.

  2. That's great, never really thought about it. Will check out the link!

  3. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!


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