Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day Thirteen - Ning

Day Thirteen

I got a bit excited when I read this one. Could it be the one? Looks good but, unless I was looking in the wrong pace (I visited it seemed too expensive with no guarantee of returns. I’m now beginning to feel like the eternal whinger – or that infernal whinger – take your pick, so I backed up and followed the link Laura gave and found myself in a forum directory, which bore no resemblance to the branding of the first Ning I visited – is there more than one?

Or does ‘Ning’ stand for something I’ve yet to catch up with - and wouldn’t that be a long way down the queue?

I did have a look at a writer’s forum, seeing only older posts with virtually no responses (as forewarned), the same with a couple of others I looked at. By this stage, I’m convinced I’ve been holding the street directory upside down and I’m hopelessly lost – like heading for the seaside and ending up in the desert.

I find my way home, tired but happy. Life's like that sometimes, you need to explore the possibilities before finding true contentment with what you've had all along. Aah! 


  1. Agree - I don't look at things that cost money, too hard and you just don't win at all!

  2. Nope. You didn't miss anything. is where you create the network, the other is where you advertise it. Meh. Que sera sera! :) WRITE ON!


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