Friday, March 15, 2013

Day Fourteen - If I ruled social media

Day Fourteen

Hmm! Thinking. Thinking. If I were to create a social media platform that doesn’t exist yet, it would be exclusively for the business of writing. I would probably borrow the best features of the ones I do use, beginning with the interface of Google+ with short-cuts to other platforms and sub-pages. The sub-pages would carry button short cuts to area such as:

Writers – broken down in to genres on sub-pages
Publishers – mainstream, indie and Epublishing
Editors and writer services
Competitions and opportunities
My books
Member books

Each sub-page would allow comments to be linked to all blog platforms, Twitter, Facebook and all mentioned over the past 14 days of this challenge etc.

In an ideal world it would have the capacity to filter out abuse and other negative social behaviour with a side lecture auto sent via a polite email on courtesy and good manners. I would like to see a social media platform where the onus is not on the abused to report, but on the abuser to request permission to behave poorly.

I don’t have any idea how I would do this as I’m not tech savvy enough – probably throw the idea to a couple of nerdy grandchildren (their proud description of self – not mine) for a fun activity during school holidays.

I would promote my books by having linkable thumbnails of my covers down the side with a changing view of member books down the other, visit counters could be used for free give-aways of books and other promotions, which would raise the profile of individual authors and book titles.


  1. I love the part about getting a reprimand for bad behaviour via polite e-mail :) I wish! Your social network, I would join!! WRITE ON!

  2. I would join too, as long as there was no cover charge. You'd have to work on making it free like facebook and twitter.


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