Friday, March 15, 2013

Day Fifteen - the end

Day Fifteen

My biggest takeaway has been reconnecting with people from previous challenges and connecting with others for the first time. I admire the generosity of those who, despite busy lives, take the time to read and comment on the blogs of others and even after all these years of blogging, I get a buzz when someone visits and leaves a comment. I like the way this challenge – well – challenged me to look beyond the edge of the platform I had become used to – thank you Laura – to dangle one foot in the air and take a leap of faith. I came a cropper a couple of times but learnt from the process, got back on my  platform and tried again. Another takeaway has been winning a book by Doug Turnbull, Footprints in Red, which I will be reading soon and writing a review once I have finished.

My plan for integrating my social media platforms is to set aside time to fully examine the functions and potential of the ones I currently utilise, to discard those of little value and maximise those I intend to keep to make sure they are working for me.

I run workshops on building platform and the advice I give to new authors starting out is to start the building process in the most manageable way – beginning with Facebook because, let’s face it, who isn’t on there these days? Even those who claim to hate it will have a peep at least. I suggest Facebook to begin with because of the ease of use, the number of friends and acquaintances most people have who are already listed to form the nucleus of a friend list, the billion plus regular users to choose from to send a friend invitation to and the multitude of features Facebook offers.

I suggest beginning a blog at the same time, planning in advance what they intend to use the blog for and look at ways to plan around content. The third platform I suggest is Twitter, to get them in the groove of short messaging and to link the three accounts.


  1. I have been interested to see how you went with this challenge and true to form it seems you made it again. Congratulations.

  2. Your suggestions to newbies are awesome. Little bites of big burgers :) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my blog. I hope to see you around again, Merlene! WRITE ON!


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