Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day Eight - Quora


I have never heard of Quora before today. I’ve now had a look, signed up and created a profile all with  really no idea what it is I’m doing or whether I’ll be back, although I think I will. I’m always looking for answers to questions and often looking for questions to answers, so this looks like a good place for me to be.

I have had a look at Seth Godin's and Laura's profiles. Impressive!

I have asked my first question. Should we give the same credibility to older beginning and emerging writers as we do to those much younger?

With the added detail: There appears to be almost an aversion in the industry to signing up older writers and they tend to get shuffled to the side at writer's conferences and other events or, when they do receive recognition, it is often in a patronising, 'pat on the head' manner.

I then read where other users may edit this question to help get the best answers. This interests me as I can see it wouldn’t take too much changing to lose the concept of what I have asked. Having posted the question I then see I have 500 credits remaining so I explored further:

You'll spend credits to ask someone to answer or promote content. You'll earn credits when people vote up your answers or follow your questions.

It seems everyone on Quora starts off with a balance of 500 credits and this is regularly refreshed so you will never run out of them for long. In addition, you earn credits whenever you add interesting content other people appreciate. You get 10 credits when people follow questions you ask and 10 credits when people upvote your contributions. You can use these credits in numerous ways to give your content more prominence, e.g., Credits make content you care about on Quora more prominent. This prominence can help questions get answered, or get more attention for answers and posts.

The question I would be most comfortable answering would be related to the emotional and moral aspects of writing memoir or life stories.

I look forward to reading other responses to today's challenge.

Thank you Laura


  1. I've just followed you :) Interesting question - I'm thinking on an answer...

  2. It is an interesting question. I've found the opposite to be true. At most writing conferences, I've noticed older, more experienced writers. Hmmm.

    I followed you. Glad I read your post to get a better take on what this Quora is all about. Not sure I have the time to figure out yet another site, but only time will tell.

  3. I gave you a follow. Voting up your questions and answers eh? Dang, we could RULE that site :) hehe I haven't asked nor answered anything yet. But if others can edit your question, why ask at all? Seems kinda silly, right? WRITE ON!

  4. The questions I would be most comfortable answering are probably about dogs. I actually find writing questions really hard to answer, I just write!!!


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