Friday, March 8, 2013

Day Seven - Google +

Google +

I am using Google+ although I’m very much an adopter at this stage and my experience is limited to trial and error, mainly linking various networks through the sharing of content. Already I’ve found the use of circles in categories makes it easier to target content and, while Google + is promoted in some quarters as a good platform for business people, which it is, I believe it has value for everyone, as any content shared on Google + gives a positive signal to the Google search engine. This in turn elevates ranking and anything that improves search engine optimisation can only be a good thing whatever is being promoted.

What I like about this challenge is that it has pushed me to explore social media platforms in depth, to look at what I really need to hold on to and what I can let lie fallow for a time, and to reflect on what I’ve been doing and how I might do it better. At the end of the challenge I will take time to consider what I need or how I can bundle effectively to save time to greater effect.

Thank you Laura. 


  1. Google+ just keeps getting better with it's features. I started using it about a year and half ago and have found that by posting their consistently it helps with ranking. I am creating a Google+ series to help navigate it.

  2. You're a whizz at social networking, Toni. I draw encouragement from your experience :-)

  3. I'm finding new ways to utilize what I already have going, too. At least this challenge is making our brains start to tick again. I think everyone could use a booster course like this one :) WRITE ON!


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