Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day Six -YouTube


I have a YouTube channel I began in 2007 with the intention of posting poetry and excerpts from my books. 

Has anyone noticed how my responses to this challenge so often make reference to ‘my intentions? 

I suppose this makes me a person of good intentions – but of poor of outcomes. 

On joining YouTube, I posted a video of one of my sons tap dancing while wearing thongs – Australian speak for flip flops and not something designed to strangle one’s nether regions – I wasn’t going to put the link here but, oh, okay, here it is – in his (or my or our) defence, I’d like to say he is now a few years older, maybe a little wiser and less inclined to dance in thongs of any persuasion, although the child within is alive and well.

Every so often I revisit my intention and ‘think’ about what I might post. Three times I’ve updated my webcam to achieve a better result and even recorded some poems, but never been happy with the result. Maybe I’ll try again today. 

There, I’ve just put it on my To-Do list – that place of good intentions that, all too often, turns into the repository of aim and purpose.

Mostly I use YouTube as a learning resource. Some of my favourites are How to pitch your novel and Pitching your novel both of which I reference when running my Pitching Your Novel Workshop for participants to follow up on later, and What to bring to a writing conference is also a good one.

There are so many clever posts, I don’t think I have a favourite, but I have been known to dawdle and draw inspiration from Debbie Byrne singing Heroes and, while the video is not of the highest quality, it is worth a visit.

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  1. Your son is a fine dancer! I can only imagine that in tap shoes. :) Quite entertaining, Merlene! :) Thanks for sharing your links, too! WRITE ON!


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