Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 5 Pinterest


I'm posting this early as I'll be away all day tomorrow.

Pinterest is one of my favourite social media platforms because it has a versatility that allows me to showcase and combine a number of interests, from my books to poetry, plaster statue collections (past and present) to short form poetry. I have six boards; My Books, Modern Haiga, Favourite Places & Spaces, The Minutiae of Life , Barsony Lamps and Vintage Plaster Statues. I don’t have my Pinterest linked to my blog yet, but will do so in the future.

Modern Haiga is a form of short form poetry, similar to Haiku, which combine with the picture to tell the story and I use combine macro shots to create these.

In the minutiae of life, I post pictures that resonate with me, again to tell a story that might otherwise be missed.

Barsony lamps are iconic Australian products that have seen a renaissance over the past 10 years going from extreme kitsch to highly sought after, high priced items. An Ebay guide I wrote some time ago can be seen here – and it looks like this, too, could do with an update.

The vintage plaster statues are ones we currently, or have once, owned. Called chalk ware in the US and sometimes known as carnival statues as they were often given as prizes in sideshow alley.

Favourite places are – well, favourite places or just pictures I’ve taken that I particularly like.

My Pinterest is one of the fastest growing networks and I highly recommend it. I love it and my page can be found here I hope you’ll call in and have a look. 


  1. Thank you for this post Marlene, having just looked at your pin-boards I can now clearly see what they are all about and how they work - shows how much time I have spent on there previously... Although, despite having no boards and no pins to my account I still seem to have gathered 9 followers!

    I am now inspired to resurrect my account and hang fire on the other things I had planned today - watch this space :)

  2. I followed two of your boards - I've never seen these types of lamps (The Barsony lamps) here in the United States but perhaps I haven't looked in the right places. I'm heard of Carnival Glass but not Carnival Statues. Of course, this has nothing to do with my blogging :)

  3. I love that you rely on the versatility of different boards to guide your pinning hand. I wish I'd done that when I first began. Now I'm just pinning for fun :) WRITE ON!

  4. I love your boards, especially "minutiae of life". Those pics are stunning.

  5. I followed you and will have a look at getting started, well written blog


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