Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Four - LInkedIn


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Launched in May 2003, it has undergone many metamorphoses – the most recent of which involved retiring two of its most popular features, LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Answers. Are you using LinkedIn to promote yourself as an author? Does your professional profile include or feature your writing? What is the best connection you’ve made through your involvement on LinkedIn? With whom would you still like to connect? Might LinkedIn be a good vehicle for making such a connection? What is your biggest question, frustration, or suggestion regarding LinkedIn? IF YOU’RE NOT USING LinkedIn, why not? Here’s a good overview of LinkedIn’s features. After perusing it, how MIGHT you use LinkedIn to help build your author profile? Is it something you’re considering?

My response to today's challenge is scant due to a number of factors. Notice I call them factor - not excuses. The main factor has been an overload of editing work, poor scheduling on my part and an unexpected development that saw me returning to finish a task someone else had began. However, I feel any response is better than none at all so here it is - miserable as it is.

I have been with LinkIn for a while however, as with most networking sites I belong to, I find that time is against me when it comes to self-promotion, which may just go to show I don’t really need it – although I doubt this. My intention with LinkedIn had been to promote myself primarily as a professional editor and to network through participation in relevant interest groups. Every connection I’ve made has been important to me, so I have no ‘best’ to speak of – I do like receiving invitations to accept people into my network and receiving endorsement of my skills – a good feeling. I only have 78 connections, but don’t actively pursue others at this time and I belong to 10 groups for poets, writers and editors.

My LinkedIn profile is at Merlene Fawdry but it mainly has my professional qualifications and no examples of my writing at this time. One day, when I have the luxury of time, I hope to update and consolidate all my networking sites, until then.... 

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  1. I love my peeps on LinkedIn. But, sadly, that's not where we commune... Facebook seems to be the avenue of choice for most of my connections. I don't want to shove folks, headfirst, into something they aren't comfortable with, you know? Oh well, it can't hurt your exposure efforts :) WRITE ON!


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