Thursday, November 21, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 21


Day 21 and I'm on the down hill run with less than 8,000 words to reach my goal. Odd, that only a week ago I was wondering if the story could stretch the distance and now I can see it will be in excess of 50,000 words and, while a lot of this is  made up of newspaper reports and transcribed records, there is still a lot of writing required to cement it together to make it a family history people will want to read.

Excerpts from some of today's effort:

To Senator Pearce
Elizabeth Town
Jan 19.19

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you on behalf of my son No. 3149
Driver C E Holmyard
52nd battalion
Australian Corps Headquarters
 As we have not heard from him since last July we feel most anxious about him as he is only one we have left now out of four.
I would be most thankful to you if you could try to get some information concerning him to me.
I Remain
Yours Sincerely
M Holmyard
Elizabeth Town

30 January 1919

Dear Sir,
With reference to your letter of the 16th instant. I have to state no recent report to any effect has been received regarding your son, No. 3149, Driver C E Holmyard, 51st Battalion, consequently it is to be assumed he is with his unit, his postal address being,
No. 3149
Driver C E Holmyard
51st battalion
Australian Corps Headquarters
He was transferred form the 52nd battalion on 16.5.18. Should advice that he is returning to Australia or any other cabled come to hand report respecting him, his father will be promptly notified.
On the assumption that Mrs Holmyard is now resident at the address from which you write, same has been noted on the records.

Yours Faithfully
Officer i/c Base Records

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