Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 7

Do you ever experience writer’s block? What do you recommend to help overcome writer’s block? Any foolproof tricks that always work for you?

While I do experience periods of higher creativity, there’s never a time when I’m stuck or find myself unable to write. This hasn’t always been the case as, many years ago, I often found myself facing a blank screen or with pen poised above an empty page, however, writing longevity has brought solutions along the way.

In the very early days of writer’s block, I’d simply begin typing questions like:

Why can’t I write?

What am I trying to say?

What is this story about?

As I wrote the answers to these questions, sometimes short, other times longer, I’d find myself embarking on a writing project, maybe not always the one I’d wanted to write but something I was ultimately pleased with.

I know there are some writers or members of writing groups who swear by the writing prompt and I’m not averse to this. If it works then that’s okay by me. Of course we are surrounded by prompts in our everyday life and I have written poems about everything from insects to sugar bowls, for each thought produces another, and then another…

 These days I don’t ever have a time when I can’t write. That may be because I always have many (too many) projects on the go at the one time so if one becomes stalled, I simply open another file and work on that one.

No, my problem is never in experiencing writer’s block but having too many projects to ever complete them all – now that’s a problem.

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