Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 8 Author Blog Challenge

Who is your favourite literary character? With which literary character do you most relate? Which literary character would you most like to invite for tea/coffee? What would you ask him/her? What do you think you could teach him/her?

My favourite literary character is usually the one I’m currently reading, such is my fickle literary appreciation, so I would have a different favourite for each week, month and year of my life. 

I relate to any character who displays honesty, a bit of sass and comopassion for others.

If I was to invite any character to morning tea, I think it would have to be Alice, as I appreciate the kind of party she gets invited to. 

Totally mad! 

I’d wear my best hat and invite the most eccentric people I know and invite debate on a range of nonsensical topics and sit back and watch the fun. 

I think I could teach Alice how to lighten up, to understand she has much to learn from others, even those who appear a little off kilter, if only she could stop her infernal questioning. 

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