Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 34 Author Blog Challenge

What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?

From a purely selfish point of view, the best thing about participating in the challenge has been the commitment to writing a post in response to the given topic each day as this takes me from the, at times, rut of solitary writing.

The other best thing about participating is reading blog posts from other writing to the same prompt as this broadens my own thinking through looking at the different perspectives.

I also like the traffic it brings to my blog and reading the comments left, which takes the exercise to another more personal level.


It would seem rude to make any suggestions for change, as the challenge is a voluntary endeavour by Laura and I appreciate the time and effort that must go into administration, but one small change I’d like to see is a challenge where all participants write to the given topic because, to me, this is the real challenge.

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  1. Still going on with the challenge then. I take my hat off to your persistence.


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