Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finally, I'm set to go. I wrote  the chapter outlines today to see this novel through to completion. I finally worked out how to get the girl out of the cellar, without resorting to the big bang and how to tie up some loose ends that threatened to dangle forever.

I'll be starting at 66,904 words at Chapter 21 and the 50,000 from Nanowrimo will round it off nicely.

Probably the hardest part for me will be fitting around commitments, which will mean writing in advance some days so I'm aiming for minimum of 2500 words per day to keep it manageable within the time frame.

Good luck peeps.


  1. So your advice can be applied to your own work. I find this very iteresting. Good luck with the 2500 a day, I think it's a good target to have a few words in hand.

  2. I'm aiming for around the same. I think if I aim for more and hit less, I shouldn't disappoint myself too much. Good luck to you! :)


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